2018 Optoelectronics China Expo Successfully Ends

2018 Optoelectronics China Expo Exhibits Completed

May 22-24, 2018, Lenstech attended the 2018 10th Optoelectronics China Expo


The 10th Optoelectronics China Expo was held in Beijing from May 22 to 24, 2018 at the International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition was jointly organized by the China Optical Engineering Society, the China High-Tech Industrialization Research Association, the American Optical Society and the International Optical Engineering Society. It brings together more than 80 internationally renowned experts and scholars from more than 10 countries and regions including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, South Korea, and Japan.
A total of more than 100 domestic and foreign projects were released and displayed at this conference, and more than 200 docking and exchange activities were carried out with domestic units.

China has launched an innovative exhibition of universities and key laboratories in China, invited more than 100 national and ministerial key laboratories and systems key laboratories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to hold more than 50 product and technical conferences to showcase the team's latest scientific research achievements., and conduct on-site project cooperation with demand units to negotiate projects. Promote the transformation of results.

The exhibition invited the top ten military industry groups such as aerospace, aviation, weapons, ships, and electronics to attend the conference, release cooperation information on the "13th Five-Year Plan" project, connect with private enterprises, and explore cooperation opportunities. The application of pyroelectronics technology in the "Made in China 2025" strategy has great prospects, and it focuses on inviting industrial demand customers.

Including smart manufacturing(micro-nano manufacturing, laser processing, precision optical manufacturing, robotics industry), infrared technology and applications, spectral China, unmanned system equipment, optical sensing and optical communication, optical storage and display, Microelectronics and electronics, laser medicine, University key laboratories Exhibition, Exhibition of Key Laboratories in Colleges and Universities international group exhibition.

  • 2018 The 10th Optoelectronics China Expo has:
  • 50,000 professional audiences;
  • 800 exhibitors;
  • 50,000 square meters of exhibition area.
  • The exhibition's main exhibits:

Global universities, research institutes, and key laboratories innovative technology theme exhibition area:
Laboratory equipment and systems: laboratory equipment and machinery, laboratory automation, laboratory database systems, archiving and software, laboratory technology, laboratory furniture, laboratory instruments, equipment and consumables, laboratory technical services,
Laboratory instrumentation: analytical and testing instruments, Metrology instruments, optical instruments and equipment, electronic optical instruments, electrical measuring instruments, chemical reagents and standard substances, biochemical, life sciences and microbiological testing instruments,
Industry-Specific equipment and products: materials mechanical performance testing equipment, non-destructive testing instruments, software, laboratory information management systems, environmental monitoring instruments, instrument accessories and parts, supporting enterprise technology and products;
Laser Smart Manufacturing Theme Exhibition Area:
Lasers: semiconductor lasers, solid lasers, fiber optic lasers, ultra-short pulse lasers, medium-infrared lasers, ultraviolet lasers, gas lasers, precision positioning platforms, laser beam quality detection instruments, laser system components, safety protection,
Laser processing system: laser processing system, laser processing system accessories, laser materials manufacturing, various materials laser processing system, robot laser processing system, laser micronano processing, material processing raw materials