You are the electricity, I am the light, 2018 China Light Fa

          From September 5th to 8th, the China International Optoelectronics Expo(hereinafter referred to as "China Light Expo"), which celebrated its 20th anniversary, was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition covers an area of 9 major exhibition halls, with a total area of more than 110,000 square meters. There are more than 1,700 Optoelectronics companies and more than 3,700 high-quality Optoelectronics brands in the world. In the 4-day exhibition, we bring innovative technologies and products to the application fieldMeanwhile,we display some optoelectronic frontier solutionsand build a one-stop all-industry chain procurement event. After many years of solid development and customer support, the China Light Expo has maintained a rapid development trend. This year, the audience of the China Light Expo set a new record for two days before the meeting


In addition, more than 50 cutting-edge academic, industrial and application summits were held during the exhibition. In 2018, the Global Optoelectronic Conference has eight special topics, (which)covering many sub-thematic research directions such as optics, optical communication, laser, infrared, and optical fiber sensing. More than 500 optoelectronic experts from around(all over) around the world gathered here to discuss new applications of optoelectronic technology.

Lenstech attached great importance to the exhibition and sent a strong team of exhibitors. During the four-day exhibition, the Lenstech With full enthusiasm, professionalism and patience, Lenstech people explain the characteristics and advantages of exhibits to exhibitors. The characteristics and advantages of the exhibits. It shows that  Lenstech chengjiu has the purpose of being innovative, people-oriented, and value-creating, and promotes the corporate spirit of "working tirelessly to study optical technology" and seeks the common development of enterprises and society. In the maintime, Lenstech tries to build itself into a "mainstream supplier of infrared optics."