• R&D Customization

    On the basis of many years of R&D, Lansitaike Technology won the "Infrared Optical Lens R&D Center" awarded by the Langfang City Science and Technology Bureau in 2016.

  • Precision Machining

    The company has a variety of modern precision CNC equipment more than 100 units, optical cold processing, ultra-precision processing, coating and other optical systems necessary basic knowledge and professional skills.

  • Check

    Lenstech Technology has an excellent quality inspection team. It is equipped with various detection instruments such as Zygo interferometer, center polarizer, MTF transmitter, and ball diameter meter. All products are strictly monitored by quality inspection to ensure quality.

  • Company Profile



Lenstech Technology

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Zip code:101300

Telephone:+86 10 8046 0229