Lenstech science and technology first fun games, the success


Warm-up is over. Let's start the game.


Round one.
[Turning small waist]
Although the game is called "small waist", the thicker the waist at this time,
The more time you can save, the more you have an advantage!
The players of the blue team are really, like, wind wheels.
For the honor of the team!

The good woman does not let the eyebrow, our beautiful women, is also Lollipop!

Round two.
# Touch the stone across the river #
Touching the stone across the river, it seems so simple,
But it requires good physical coordination and the patience of the contestants,
If you're not careful, you 'll fall off the river.

Through the first round of the contest,
Each team adjusted their tactics this time.
Sent out teams of elite players.


Come on, come on! Victory is here!

Happy third round. Back clip.
Happy back CLIP game, more test is the ability of 2 people to cooperate.


We have to play CALL for our contestants here.
Whether it is speed or smoothness, it is very good control!

Lenstech, deputy general manager Ms. Wangxijie presented the award to the winning silver team
Congratulations to the winning team.

Round four.
[Tear famous card battle]

Tear the brand name, can be said to be a household name game!
Friendship comes first. Shake hands before the game!


I tore up my name tag.
The battle value is amazing ~ ~

Lenstech's chairman, Ms. Kongchao, presented the winning Orange team
Congratulations to the winning team.
The fifth round[pull the river big game]
Tug of war is a standard project for Lansitaike's historical activities.
Everyone twisted into a rope, for the sake of common honor, work together!


The refueling team,
It's also worth being praised.-My voice is hoarse.

Lentech, deputy general manager, Ms. Wangxijie presented the award to the winning Orange team
Congratulations to the winning team.
The final collective gratitude session.
Everyone shouted slogans and bowed to the colleagues around them.
Thank you for helping each other in their work!

Although the game is over,
But the spirit of teamwork,
Has been firmly engraved on
In the heart of every Lansitaike.
May you, in your future work,
And work together,
Create Lansitaike's brilliant tomorrow ~