Science & Technology

  Certificate of High-tech Enterprise    Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Research and Development Center       Third Prize Certificate of Innovation 
for Infrared Optical Lens                   and Entrepreneurship Competition
Management category

   The company has passed the certification of the national military standard quality system, environmental management, occupational health and safety management system, which further improves the management level. The company will further deepen the operation of the system through the promotion of integrated management, make continuous efforts to achieve the overall optimization of basic management, strictly implement the three systems into various management work, and provide strong support for the development of enterprises. 

Intellectual Property

     From 2005 to 2019, more than 30 new practical patents were awarded by the State Intellectual Property Office, including large zoom ratio mid-wave infrared continuous zoom lens, long-wave infrared manual continuous zoom lens, hand-held long-wave infrared continuous zoom lens, long-wave infrared electric continuous zoom lens, infrared multilayer antireflection lens. The film optical lens, far infrared non-thermal optical system, large aperture long-wave infrared continuous zoom lens, long focal length long-wave continuous zoom lens have obtained patent certificates for utility models, etc.

     During the period of 2006-2019, more than 20 computer software copyright registration certificates issued by the State Copyright Administration were obtained, including all the rights of network management software for infrared temperature measurement system, infrared optical product production line management system, Lansitek office automation management system, infrared material marketing management system, etc.

Product Certification Category

     During the period of 2012-2019, more than 20 CE certifications were obtained from the United States. Enterprises that have obtained CE certification, that is, products can be sold in member states of the European Union only if they do not endanger the basic safety requirements of human beings, animals and goods. They have passed more than 30 FCC certifications. This certification is the FCC certification of products exported to the United States, in order to ensure radio and wire communications related to life and property. Safety of products.


DF 150/2.0-300/2.0 CLM EJ

Long Wave Refrigeration Lens


ZM 30/1.2-150/1.2 ULC HI

Uncooled zoom lens series


SF 50/2.0 CLC EJ

Long Wave Refrigeration Lens